Whisker Wise Animal Care & Boarding Portland Oregon
Deluxe small animal boarding & pet sitting

Looking for a safe, quiet place to board your small animals? They are welcomed here!

I specialize in small pet boarding. rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, hamsters, ferrets, cats, and fish to name a few. I have a quiet home, central heat, and air. I provide lots of attention, playtime and affection for your small pets. I would be happy to send you daily updates including photos. Want to check up on your pet? I have “baby cams” in each room that you can access with your smart phone, so you can see what they're up to any time you like.

The Whisker Haven Cat Room - No cages here! Your cat will feel at home in a private room. Plenty of room to stretch out on a comfy bed or chair. Wide steps leading up to window boxes perfect for napping or watching the birds. A devoted human servant (me) to play games, serve meals, keep their area clean, and to offer lap time, petting and lots of love. If your cat(s) are feeling nervous or shy they can relax in the “hidey” area and listen to classical music to drown out “scary” sounds. The room has a Feliway infuser to promote calmness and Rescue Remedy is available to add to their water if they are feeling stressed.

The Rabbit Resort Rabbit Room - Let your rabbit stay in the Rabbit Resort room when you have to be away. Spacious x-pens (4” x 8”) give your rabbits plenty of room to explore the maze, hop through the tunnel, take a nap in the bunny bunk bed, or just sit and consider life while eating fresh, nutritious hay and organic greens from my garden.

The Ferret Frolic Ferret Room - Ferrets delight in the ferret room. Lots of toys and games for playtime. And plenty of cozy spots for naps. All in a ferret secure environment.

Check out my web page for photos of each room.

Whisker Wise also provides care for your companion animals in your home within my service area which is in the Cedar Mill, Cedar Hills, Forest Heights and some surrounding areas.

On a personal note...

I have been vegan 22 years. Instinctively I knew it was wrong to eat and abuse animals as a child. It took me a while to overcome society's influences but my "real self" emerged when I became vegan.

My favorite vegan and animal nonprofits are: FARM - Farm Animal Rights Movement, PCRM - Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

My favorite vegan and animal awareness books, movies, or videos are: My Year of Meats

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