Why are we here?

There’s a woman in Nashville who has written a children's book on veganism. Her spirit soars when she thinks of the sweet young hearts that will be lifted with her words.

There’s a vegan massage therapist in Portland so committed to her values that when she can't find the perfect cruelty-free lotion or oil, she'll mix her own. You won't find wool blankets or silk sheets in her studio, but you will find a truly compassionate massage.

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All over America, there are people in every walk of life: plumbers, veterinarians, architects... quietly living their lives and trying to do the right thing. They’re people who would cringe at the thought of contributing to the suffering of our fellow Earthlings, our beautiful animal friends.

Maybe they also recycle, or even compost. Perhaps they drive hybrid or fuel-efficient cars. We can't say for sure, but we do know one thing: you’ll never see a steak on their dinner table.

We are here to conduct a nationwide search to find these individuals,
and to share with you their talents and gifts.

This makes you richer… and when you share the wealth by using their products or services, chances are that they'll in turn donate some of their earnings to causes for peace, for animal rights, or for the environment.

We like that idea.
We hope you do too.

We’re also doing our part to add to the prosperity of vegan businesses… the raw food restaurant, the online vegan footwear company… and if we can help the many dedicated raw and vegan nonprofits to get their message out there, we’re all over that, too.

Thanks for joining us!